Lift Blocks


When I installed the 2″ lift kit, the final ride height measured out a 1/2″ higher in the rear than in the front. Since I knew the camper was going back on I left it as is and guessed I would see about 1″ of sag in the rear which would keep things roughly lined up. It turned out to be a bit more than that.

Purty, but saggy.

The total sag came out to 2″ in the back, more than enough to be noticeable. I debated adding rear air bags, but I was quoted >$600 to get them installed. The parts cost was less than half that, but since I’m living out of the camper for the next few months, I’m stuck without a good place to work on the truck. A lift block looked like a much easier installation and I was reasonably sure I could do it myself at a campsite. Toytec offers a 1.5″ block, so I grabbed a pair along with a set of 9″ u-bolts.

Lift block

The installation itself was about as easy as it could be. The entire process is shown in the video embedded below:

The end result came out just about perfect. Air bags might have been nice for the adjustability, but I can’t complain about the simplicity of this set up.

Sitting level at last

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