1993 Nissan Pathfinder


Year:    1993
Make:    Nissan
Model:   Pathfinder
Bought:  July 2010
Sold:    February 2012

I was ready for a beater again after a year in the brand new Mazda. I was tired of New England rust so I took a trip to Los Angeles to buy this sight unseen Pathfinder. Only 70k miles and rust free as advertised, but everything else about the truck was beat. The most confusing damage was a perfectly square hole cut out of the passenger dash. Ill advised nav install or drug stash, who knows? Next step was to ferry it home through Baja Mexico, Las Vegas, Moab Utah, and the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. Truck ran beautifully, with only a tire blow out in Pennsylvania to slow us down. At that point we found out that the truck was missing a lug wrench. No problem getting a tow in Pa, but could have been a disaster in Mexico. I ended up pulling off the hideous bumper and nerf guards, patching the dash hole with an underused CB radio, replacing the timing belt, and eventually selling it to a kid who promptly ran it into a ditch.