Land Rover LR3


I sold the T100! And bought something to replace it. The 4Runner was supposed to be it, but the seating position is unbearable. I initially thought it was due to thrashed stock seats, but even after replacing them with low mile ones I could only stand 30 minutes at best. I’m going to keep it around for a while as a backup, but the new daily is now a Land Rover LR3.

It came with the ARB bumper, HSE luxury package, and the sought after HD package (rear locker!) I have a trip coming up quickly, so I replaced the junk tires with Toyo Open Country AT3s and ripped off the running boards. The next step was a trial run at the T33 Plane Crash trail, where I immediately discovered that the LR3 does in fact have a longer wheelbase than a Jeep TJ.

The ledge is steeper on the far side of the picture and I was stuck hung up on the frame of the LR3. Looking back I could have taken another line and avoided the obstacle entirely, but eventually stacking rocks got us out of it. Along with upgrading driver skill, I’ll be looking at getting rock sliders for when this inevitably happens again.

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