1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

Year: 1998
Make: Lincoln
Model: Mark VIII
Bought: 2010
 Sold: February 2012
Horsepower: 290hp @5750rpm
Torque: 295ft-lbs @4500rpm
Weight: 3765lbs


I had fond memories of the 540i and wanted another luxury cruiser, but this time I went for an American V8. The mod motor made a fantastic sound, but overall the power was disappointing. The power was up high and the transmission was sluggish, so it was never as satisfying as 300hp should be. It was fantastic road trip machine and the landau roof made for a surprisingly good canoe carrier. The drivetrain was solidly reliable, but the air suspension was a constant pain and the interior was falling apart. When it was too far gone I finally parted with it as a cash-for-clunkers trade in.

The Mark VIII carrying a canoe

Cruising in the Mark VIII