1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4


Year:    1991
Make:    Mitsubishi
Model:   Galant VR-4 1799/2000
Bought:  June 2006
Sold:       November 2007

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly how I got this. A friend of mine was looking to unload it and I was bored with the BMW 540i I had at the time. Some sort of trade was involved…

However, this was one of the standout cars that I’ve owned. The owner prior to my friend had fitted it out with the usual assortment of bolt-ons, but did a quality OCD job of installing them. For example, the sub was hidden in the ski pass through, the S-AFC was painted to match the dash, and the lights on the alpine head unit were color coordinated with the gauge lighting.  When I picked it up it had an EVO 3 turbo with terrifying boost creep. I ended up porting it and getting a tune from DSG, which left it with an entertaining amount of turbo lag before a surprisingly strong top end pull. Combined with the crazy flashing lights from the gadgets, this car was a ton of fun to drive.

The downside to all the bolt-ons was the car was near impossible to work on. The heat shield near the turbo was ineffective, so it cooked alternators within a few thousand miles. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except the aftermarket IC piping meant the alternator was completely inaccessible. Combined with tragic northeast rust, it was a constant effort just to keep it running.

I sold it after just more than a year of ownership. I’ve owned faster cars since, but I still miss all those flashing lights.

The full list of modifications from the sale ad:

Autometer boost and Summit blinky A/F and oil temp
1G shifter w/leather boot and Greddy knob
Sparco steering wheel
EVOIII Manifold, Turbo, and O2 housing
Front mount with 1G BOV
CM 3″ turbo back exhaust with hollowed out cat
Black SAFC2
EVO  injectors
AGX’s with DSM springs on all 4 corners
17″ Konig rims
Braided stainless brake lines
Older but very nice alpine deck w/ 12 disk changer in the trunk and Rockford speakers all around
Pioneer 12″ sub firing though the passthrough w/ a Rockford amp
Battery in trunk


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