1985 Volkswagen Westfalia

Year: 1985
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Vanagon Westfalia
Bought: 2009
Sold: Spring 2014
Horsepower: 83 hp
Weight: 4150lbs (approx)


Found this in Massachusetts for $750. It had the pop-top but no kitchen and seemed like the perfect van to camping on road-trips. The frame and running gear were relatively solid, but the body was starting to rust out. I made an attempt at body work, but even calling it a 10′ job would have been kind. It was maybe a 20′ one. It was also exceptionally slow. I convinced myself for a while that it was just down to a tiny engine in a heavy van, but eventually I figured out that the torque converter was trashed and it was slipping excessively. I did replace it, but while the van was sitting it developed a bizzare electrical problem and would no longer run. I swapped out nearly every sensor on the engine as well as the ECU before giving it up and selling it. I had towed it to Colorado in the meantime and with the overpriced market out here I was lucky enough to sell it for more as a non-running van than when it first bought it in Ma.


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