Camper Update


I’ve been living full time out of the Phoenix camper for the last few months, but with winter on the way I’ve settled back into an apartment. Since it wasn’t looking like I would get much of a chance to use the camper next year, I decided to sell it and go with something lighter weight for the T100. Should also mean a return of the trail videos. While the T100 was still fairly capable with the camper on the back, it never felt stable enough to really push the truck off-road.

Here’s a 360 video with a short tour of the camper from before I sold it:

The buyer loaded it onto a four door 2nd gen Tacoma, which handled the weight and size surprisingly well. While I’m sad to see it go, with cash in hand I’m already planning the next upgrades to the T100. Bumper, sliders, winch or is it finally time for a locker?

Loading the Phoenix with terrifying old-school FWC jacks

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