Clearing out the garage


I’ve been planning to start work on the RX-7, but first I needed to clear another project out of the garage. I have a Honda Nighthawk 650 with a bad ticking noise coming from the top end of the engine. It sat for a while before it developed the noise, so I was pretty sure air had made it’s way into one the of the hydraulic tappets. The fix was easy, but getting to the tappet meant pulling the valve cover as well as the upper part of the bike.

Halfway done

I made a short video for anyone else who runs into the same problem, finding the right procedure to bleed the tappet was hard to find on youtube.

Now that the bike is back together and running great, I’m out of excuses to avoid working on the RX-7. First up is the roof, body work supplies are already starting to arrive.

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