RX-7 Update


I’ve been planning a trip back East to retrieve my RX-7, however the big unknown has been the condition of the car. I parked it six years ago under a car shelter, which then proceeded to collapse after a heavy snow. I visited it fairly soon after that happened and pulled the destroyed shelter off of it, but it’s been out in the elements and I’ve been across the country since then. I’ve been renting out the property it’s parked on so it hasn’t been easy to get updates on it.

So I was excited to finally receive these pictures from the property management company. At first glance it still looks like it’s in one piece.

Filthy, but intact

I think I can even convince myself the tires are still holding air. The spare two next the car were in storage and had new-ish tires on them when I parked it. With any luck they’ll be in decent enough shape so I can use a dolly to haul the car back instead of requiring a full trailer. Here’s another picture from the front, though it doesn’t show much more detail other than the desperate need for a wash.

Very Filthy.

All in all it looks fairly similar to how it did when I parked it. It wasn’t the cleanest then either.

The RX-7 in 2012

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