New Topper


It’s been a slow winter for the T100. With the camper gone it’s been serving as my daily driver, but with Spring just about here I’ve been thinking about setting it up for longer trips again. Since I won’t be spending as much time in it as last year, a full camper would be overkill and instead I’ve been keeping an eye out for a cheap shell for the bed. I finally lucked out and found this ARE topper on craigslist:

ARE Cap on the T100

It came off of a 270k mile T100 and needs some maintenance, but it has some great features for a camper shell. Came with a carpeted interior, compression boot where it meets the cab, hinged window on the left, and a slider on the right. The downside to it is the height. I had hoped for a flush shell, but for $200 I can’t complain. I also need to do something about the paint. At a minimum the white paint needs to be touched up, but I’m considering a full repaint to match the truck. Would look better, but I might regret it in the heat.

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