Maintenance and Mild Mods


I finally got around to freshening up a few parts on the Jeep. My airbag light had been on for six months or so and was accompanied with a complete failure of the horn. A new clockspring fixed that and now I’m back to blaring the horn and driving in safety. The second was a little more interesting. The front end had been making a clunking noise during turns and braking. I assumed it was due to bad sway bar links…and it was, sort of. The passenger side lower bolt had been replaced with a bolt that was too small in diameter, so there was slop in the sway bar. Since a torx T55 head 12 mm bolt was going to be impossible to find on a Sunday, I figured this would be a good time to replace it with a diy quick disconnect.


Looks great, right? Turns out all the online DIY guides suggest a 7/16 clevis pin that’s smaller than the inner diameter of the bushing. So while it’s quiet at the moment, I’m expecting the clunk to come back. I’ll need to source a 12mm pin to get the fit right.

The last fix was to the rear speakers. I had been hearing a rattling noise from the passenger side speaker, which I assumed was blown. Ended up replacing both speakers with a pair of Polk 6.5s. The good news is they sound much better than the old Walmart speakers I pulled, the bad is that the rattle is still there. Something in the soundbar is resonating. Eventually I’ll need to address that, but for now I can at least crank the stereo without worrying about anything falling apart.


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