Throwout Bearing Failure


On my way to spending the 4th of July in Nebraska, the Jeep’s alternator failed. On the way back, the throwout bearing grenaded. Things always come in threes, so I lost my favorite hat out the window while I was at it. The alternator I swapped in an Autozone parking lot, but on the way back I limped home and put off the bearing until I had a weekend for the job. Since it meant dropping the transmission I replaced the clutch while I had it apart. Here’s a shot of the throwout bearing, not much left to it:


The rest of the clutch job went as expected, including the usual PITA process of pulling the pilot bearing.

The Jeep’s now back on the road, but probably not for long. The string of failures combined with terrible gas mileage on the highway trip to Nebraska has me looking at more entertaining options. Something with factory lockers maybe?



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